Digishock 3.0: The Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Explore Highly-Futuristic Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies that will redefine the world of technology forever

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Duration: 1 Hours

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What you'll learn

  • Learn about the evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in the field of education
  • Learn about the evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in the field of healthcare
  • Know about futuristic technologies that will emerge in the workspace
  • Get an insight on the world's most futuristic technologies powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Discover a most powerful website that can help to clone your thoughts via audio or text powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Requirements
  • A passion to learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the future is necessary.
  • There are no other pre-requisites for taking this course. Digishock 3.0 is a standalone course and is not a direct sequel to the previous Digishock 1.0 or Digishock 2.0 courses created by "Srinidhi Ranganathan".
Let's get this straight and to the point.

Man has long feared the rise of the machine, fearing that his own creation might become really smarter or intelligent and more sophisticated than he is. However, while AI and machine learning are rapidly altering our environment and propelling the Fourth Industrial Revolution, humanity does not need to be concerned. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will provide people with the ability to focus on the aspects of their occupations or jobs that are most rewarding to them and the time is coming soon.

We must also note that Artificial intelligence is influencing the future of almost every sector and every person on the planet. Artificial intelligence has acted as the driving force behind developing technologies such as big data, robotics, and the Internet of Things, and it will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. From super-intelligence assistants like SIRI to self-driving cars, Artificial intelligence (AI) is progressing at a super-rapid pace. AI is believed to become the biggest business opportunity of the next decade and many more decades to come. The rise of AI will not be a threat in this new world order; rather, it will be a tremendous benefit. Not only is AI poised to impact the future of every single person and organisation in the world, but it is also poised to change the future of whole countries' governments, politics, and economies. As we move toward a world of totally automated work, we'll need to start adopting new rules and ideas. We'll have to start thinking about the future more than we do now.

What is the mechanism behind the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the world-changing technologies?

The artificial intelligence or machine learning algorithms in our systems learn from their previous experiences while evaluating and creating predictions for users. Unlike people, these systems are not constrained by physical limits. AI may be programmed to do a wide range of tasks that need a combination of human and algorithmic intelligence. Speech recognition, text production, translation, and even a mixture of these functions can all be implemented into an AI. However, when it comes to AI, you must select the appropriate algorithms or machine learning techniques for the task at hand.

What is covered in this online course?

In this most incredible course "Digishock 3.0: The Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI)" Digital Marketing Legend "Srinidhi Ranganathan" takes you on a journey far into the future in a world ruled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies. Srinidhi starts the course by explaining the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in the field of education. Slowly, he shifts to the health industry and talks about the impact of AI. We will then understand that AI in healthcare could be valuable in clinical decision support, allowing doctors to make better judgments faster by recognising patterns of health difficulties considerably more accurately than the human brain can.

After teaching this, Srinidhi moves on to further explain futuristic technologies at work that are highly powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). He talks about Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) that can create the biggest impact in the field of work.

In the next video after that, Srinidhi gives the most powerful predictive insights on the future of the world ruled by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

To conclude the course, a secretive mind-cloning AI tool is showcased. A mind-cloning tool can help you store your thoughts, ideas and feelings via voice or text. This video is a total highlight in Digishock 3.0.

Enrol now in the course. A mind-blowing educative experience is promised for all learners.

Let's start learning about the upcoming new futuristic technologies that are based on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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Who this course is for:

  • AI Researchers or Machine Learning experts who are learning and exploring Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies on a daily basis.
  • Students who want to get an insight into the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and know about the real impact of what AI can achieve.
  • Working Professionals and Business owners who have a clear cut vision of the future of work and look to learn and implement new-age AI technologies that are emerging in the workspace
  • Anyone who is interested to learn futuristic concepts and technology trends in the ever-evolving world of Artificial Intelligence (AI).