Numbers from 1-100 in 12 different languages

Numbers in variety of languages

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What you'll learn

  • Counting (1-100) in different languages such as Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, Turkish, English, Ewe, Ga and Twi.
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Language is integral to society and more so is numbers. The ability to count numbers in different languages is vital as it can help you excel in different ways such as your business. You do not have to have someone tell you about times and money in a foreign country if you are already efficient at this.

That is why I present in this course, in 12 different languages, counting. The languages are Spanish, French, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and Hindi. Others in African languages, are Ga, Twi (Akan) and Ewe.

I strongly believe that having a working knowledge of numbers, can serve as a spring board to quickly improving your language skill in the target language. It also has the potential to reveal the differences and similarities between languages around the world.

This is suitable for adults and in fact for everyone who travels and have general interest in languages.

The course is conceived from the difficulties the instructor himself faced abroad when he tries to navigate around with his business endeavours. He hopes most people will learn the numbers to understand the basic workings of these numbers in the languages used.

I hope this will help you solve counting in different language challenges.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in different languages (Polyglots-to-be)