End to End React with Prisma 2

Learn everything needed to build a fully-featured social RSS news reader

Platform: Udemy
Status: Available
Duration: 10.5 Hours

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What you'll learn

  • Students will build an entire social RSS reader full stack application from scratch over 10 hours and learn all of the fundamentals of building a professional grade app.
  • Learn all the techniques needed to build a fully fledged app- user login, permissions, database management, backend creation. The works!

  • Should be able to create basic React js components and have experience with HTML, css and javascript.
This course teaches you all of the skills and techniques needed for building a feature-packed application from the ground up.
Over the course of 10 hours, we will build an RSS reader application that will allow people to create RSS feeds, share and bundle them together, and like their favorite ones. Articles within the feeds can also be saved to a saved articles list for easy access later.
This is the full-stack tutorial that I wish I had after learning the basics of React.js- we will teach you how to take those basic skills and build on them to create all sorts of useful functionality that you need for real-life apps.
First, we will build out our backend which will store and manage all of our data and provide an expressive API to fetch exactly the data that we need in a secure manner.
Use GraphQL and authorizer functions to prevent users from performing actions that they shouldn't be able to such as deleting or editing records that they are not the author of.
Utilize Prisma 2 for managing a connection to the database and creating tables and schemas due to the relationships that we set up in our model.
Build a GraphQL API that allows us to fetch the fields and relations we need with no over-fetching.
Use Auth0 for authentication to trust requests coming from users and block malicious attacks.
After building our backend we will create a responsive frontend that can consume data from our backend.
Create a super snappy frontend with Next.js that is SEO friendly
Utilize optimistic response with Apollo to allow the UI to respond immediately to the user's requests, even when backend requests are involved
Build our own beautiful and responsive UI with TailwindCSS

Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate React developers looking to bring together all components of a modern web app.