Camtasia 2020 master.Edit your Courses and Promotional Video

Camtasia 2020.Record and edit online courses. Professional editing for YouTube ,promotional videos, facebook ads

Platform: Udemy
Status: Available
Duration: 11 Hours

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What you'll learn

  • Create a promotional video for an online course
  • You will learn to record your voice and capture the screen with professional quality video
  • You can create your own content for Online courses, explanatory and promotional videos
  • You will learn all video formats and you will be able to export content for any type of project
  • You will dive fully into ALL modules of Camtasia 2020
  • You will be an expert in video editing and you will be able to create your own audiovisual content
  • You will create any type of video mastering all the tools available in Camtasia 2020
  • No previous knowledge of Camtasia
  • We'll use camtasia 2020, available 30 trial version
  • No previous knowledge of video editing required
Welcome to Master Camtasia 2020 Professional Edition of Online Courses and Promotional Videos

In this course, we will learn from scratch to record, capture, and edit video content for online courses and promotional or explanatory videos.

Camtasia 2020 is one of the most used tools for creating online courses, screenshots, editing professional videos for promotional, advertisements, and explanatory videos.

It is used by online teachers to capture and record their courses and by audiovisual content creators to record and edit their videos with professional finishes.

The course is divided into several sections:

We will learn how to download and install Camtasia 2020,

we will study the entire interface and how all its main modules are arranged.

We will delve into the mastery of all audio, video, and image editing tools.

We will master the timeline and canvas.

We will learn how to configure Camtasia for voice capture with microphones and screen capture with the recorder.

We will learn all the types of screen and voice capture that we can do with Camtasia 2020 for the creation of online courses and explanatory videos.

We will do real practices.

We will create a video introduction for our courses or explanations and we will publish from the script to the complete assembly, a promotional video for an online course.

We will learn the use of advanced Camtasia 2020 tools that will allow us to enrich our videos with texts, animations, sound effects, color retouching effects, advanced behaviors, interactivity, and video subtitles.

It is the most complete and updated Camtasia 2020 online course focused on 100% professional video editing and screen capture for Online courses.

You will receive a certificate when you complete the course

You will have immediate access to more than 12 hours of video and all of the course materials

You will have immediate Instructor Support.

You can enjoy all the courses at any time and on all devices with lifetime access

Who this course is for:

  • To all who want to start creating online courses or promotional videos for their products
  • Video Editors Who Want To Learn Camtasia 2020 From Scratch
  • Youtubers or audiovisual content creators